Special Services

St Johns Church Altar

St Johns Church Altar

As well as holding regular Sunday and mid-week services, St. John’s holds special service:

  • Baptisms
  • Marriages
  • Funerals

At some time in everyone’s life there may be the need for one or more of the three special services in church: Baptism, Marriage, Funeral.  We pray that God’s love and guiding hand will be with you if you make preparations for one of these services.

Baptism or thanksgiving for the life of a child – a special service when parents, family and friends welcome someone to the Church family.

Marriage – when a couple decides they wish to confirm their love for each other in a long-established Christian ceremony.

Funeral – when those bereaved take the opportunity to share their grief and their memories in the comfort of a chosen church, a chosen service format and a loving church community.