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FROM YOUR VICAR – Sunday 15th July 2018


  • Prayer – Creator God, you have blessed us in the dawning of this new day, whether by sun’s warm rays or soft rainfall. Accept, we pray, this our offering of praise for your gracious provision and steadfast love.


  • Whole Life Worship – today we welcome Liz Wills as our guest speaker. Liz is a good friend, and works as a Teaching Assistant at Old Church CE Primary School in Darlaston.


  • Baptism – today we welcome the family and friends of Jonathan Edward Parker, Francesca Talia Parker and Jake Michael Odom as the infants come to our church to be baptised at 12 noon.


  • Devotion & Prayer Group – on Tuesday (July 17) @ 10am in the Lady Chapel. I will not be able to attend this (because of a funeral service commitment in Wolverhampton), but I’d be delighted if people would meet to pray for themselves, our church, our diocese and our community.


  • Midweek Discussion Group – on Tuesday (July 17) @ 7.30pm in the Lady Chapel – the third of our four sessions.


  • Midweek Communion – on Wednesday (July 18) @ 10am


  • Wedding Rehearsal - will be held in church on Wednesday (July 18) @ 7pm


  • End of School Term - schools break up for the summer holiday on Friday (July 20). Please pray for the children’s safety and well-being during the summer holidays (see ‘Prayer for the Week’ below).


  • Memorial Service - next Sunday (July 22) @ 4.30pm


  • Thank You – to everyone who planned, organised and publicised last week’s BBQ on the church grounds, and to everyone who attended to offer their support. Over £270 was raised for church funds. Thank you especially to the Jackson family for their incredible generosity! Thanks too to the ‘technically-minded’ who discovered a way to screen the England -Sweden game live to the assembled masses! Ingenious!


  • NHS Birthday Celebration – to be held at the Library on Tuesday (July 17) @ 2pm. Everybody welcome.


  • Cannock Chase Local Plan – an opportunity to inspect the Local Plan proposals of Cannock Chase Council – some local drop-in sessions are as follows: July 18 (Norton Canes Community Centre, 4-6.30pm); July 24 (Hednesford Library, 10am-1pm); August 1 (Tesco-Hednesford, 10am-12noon); August 9 (Sainsbury’s, Voyager Drive, 12-2pm). Sorry … we’ve just missed the session held at Heath Hayes library!


  • Times Past – isn’t it surprising what you learn when you allow people to speak about their younger days? Can you guess which of our ‘most innocent’ church ladies was caught ‘scrumping’ apples and gooseberries? And which gentleman was caught in the hayloft with a young lady named Hilda?  Fear not … my lips are firmly sealed! Our next ‘Times Past’ session will be on July 23rd @ 10.30am. Everybody welcome!


  • Overseas Links - it saddens me to report that the dioceses of West Malaysia, Kuching, Singapore and Sabah have decided not to renew their partnership agreements with our own diocese – as a consequence of the ‘ad clerum’ recently released by Bishop Michael and the three Area Bishops (entitled ‘Welcoming and Honouring LGBT+ People’). I have no doubt that fuller details will be released via ‘Spotlight’ in due course.


  • Remembrance Day - members of the Bourne Methodist Church have asked me to announce that they’re planning to have a cascade of red poppies on the outside wall to mark the centenary of the end of WW1. Everyone is invited to make red poppies that can be attached to the display – from any material other than paper! If you can help in any way, please contact Margaret ( or Jill ( as soon as possible. My thanks to those who have already volunteered to help!


  • Christmas Tree Festival - the Bourne Methodist Church are also planning to have a Christmas Tree Festival (December 6-8) and are inviting organisations (schools, clubs, pubs, churches etc.) to take part by displaying a tree. If anyone is interested in displaying a tree on behalf of our church, please contact Margaret or Jill (as above) as soon as possible. Again, my thanks to the expressions of interest that I’ve already received about this.


  • Celebration – this week we celebrate the birthdays of Terry Croxall and Grace Harris (both today). We also celebrate the wedding anniversary of Gloria & David Thompson. Our congratulations and best wishes to them all.




  • ‘Beach Clean- the trip to Wales will go ahead as planned on Saturday (July 21st). Please contact Peter Stanton or Emma Hill if you’re interested in going along.


  • Wedding of Richard and Charlotte – July 27 (Friday) @ 12.30pm


  • Baptism of Lauren Isla Masters – July 29 @ 12 noon


  • Meeting of Pastoral Shepherds – July 29 @ 3.30pm in Lady Chapel


  • ‘Simply Worship’ – July 31 (Tuesday) @ 7pm




This week, we pray for all of the teachers and children of our parish as the schools break up for the summer holidays. We ask God to grant them peaceful relaxation and ample opportunities for refreshment. We pray for the protection of young children (from dangers and strangers) during their holiday. We ask God to uphold the parents who struggle with the extra parental responsibilities during holiday time, and for those who struggle to balance their domestic, work and parental commitments. We pray for the young children who will not receive adequate care and supervision during the school holiday period, and who will largely fend for themselves. We pray for the Holiday Clubs that will operate during the summer months. We pray for the grandparents who will be called upon to help out. We also pray for God’s protection on school buildings and equipment during the holiday period.


From our church pastoral shepherding flock, we pray this week for Angela Egerton, Charles Goodwin, George & Sheila Green, Julie Grice and Sallyanne Hargreaves.


Within our parish we pray for the residents of Bank Street, Barber Close, Barber Court, Birchfields Drive and Blithfield Place. 




Until the end of the month, we continue to pray for the people of Estonia (see Pew News of July 1st for details).


We pray with thanksgiving for those who risked their own safety to rescue the young boys (and their football coach) from the Tham Luang cave in northern Thailand. The young people had become trapped when heavy rains flooded the cave.


We pray too for some hope and stability amidst all the turmoil that we see around us – the political turmoil arising out of the BREXIT issue with Cabinet resignations, and the fears arising from the Novichok poisoning  of Dawn Sturgess and Charlie Rowley in Amesbury (Wiltshire).




‘It is good to give thanks to the Lord’ (Psalm 92:1).


The psalmist reminds us that we need to offer thanks to God and to sing praises to his Name … because He is steadfast in his love, and faithful. His works are great and his words are profound. He upholds the righteous, and they will flourish. They will bear fruit, even in old age.


Points to Ponder:-


  • Are we the thankful people of God?


  • What, in particular, are we thankful for? What’s so good and special in our lives? Can we draw up a list of the reasons why God is deserving of our thanks?


  • How have we shown our appreciation of God this week? Was our thanksgiving offered alone or alongside others?


  • Do our daily lives celebrate the wonder of God’s love … and do they reflect our thankfulness? Do we seek to bear fruit in response to God’s steadfast love for us?


  • Have we ever been guilty of taking God’s goodness for granted? Do we sometimes allow familiarity to blind us to how fortunate and blessed we truly are?


  • Are we confident that God will continue to uphold us in this way?


  • Do you think that some people feel that they’ve very little to thank God for? Why might they feel this way?


Gracious God, help us not only to ask in faith but to receive with gratitude, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.