Pew News

FROM YOUR VICAR – Sunday 15th October 2017


  • Prayer – we draw near to you in worship with this offering of praise, our prayers for those in need and our lives dedicated to your service. Bless this time of fellowship, and may the blessing we receive be the gift that we share as we leave this place.


  • Whole Life Service - today we welcome Dr. Colin Flenley as our guest speaker to the first of our new quarterly ‘Whole Life Worship’ services. Our next such service will be in January 2018


  • Baptism – today we welcome the family and friends of Darcie Rose Bailey, Thea Grace Bailey and Mya Scarlett Brown as the infants come to our church at 12 noon to be baptised.


  • Baptism Preparation  - will take place tomorrow (Monday) evening @ 7.30pm in the Lady Chapel.


  • Devotion & Prayer Group – we’ll meet again on Tuesday (October 17th) at 10am in the Lady Chapel. Everybody welcome!


  • Midweek Communion - on Wednesday (October 18th) @ 10am. Everybody welcome.


  • Abbey/Alma Court – our church visit will take place on Thursday (October 19th) @ 11am. Everybody welcome to support this.


  • Wedding – we welcome the family and friends of Joseph William Follows and Leanne Georgina Clee as the young couple come to our church to be married – Thursday (October 19th) @ 1.30pm . Please pray for them and their families.


  • Christmas Fayre - on (Saturday), November 25th in the Church Hall (11am – 4pm). We’d like to have a stall that sells products that members of our church family have made … pickles, chutneys, jams, cakes, wine, cards, embroidery, jewellery, knitwear, Christmas decorations, framed photographs … the list of possibilities is endless! Please put your ‘thinking caps’ on in order to discover what YOU could offer to the stall. And, by the way, keep advertising the event far and wide … to family, friends, neighbours, beggars blind and lame! Thanks.


  • Traid Craft - Mick and Linda are now taking orders for your Christmas cards. Please support them in this worthwhile venture.


  • Quiz Night - my thanks to everyone who came along to support our church fund-raising effort last week … over £100 raised for church funds, and some fun and laughter were enjoyed. Thanks especially to those who offered practical help on the night , and who donated food and raffle prizes.


  • Fashion Show - on October 24th @ 7pm in the Church Hall. Tickets (£4) are now available from Gloria, Irene or Sheila (Green).  Please support this major fundraising activity, and bring your friends, family and neighbours with you. Please advertise the event as widely and frequently as possible. Anyone willing to sell tickets at the Gorsemoor, Five Ways and Heath Hayes school gates?


  • Community Outreach – I spent last Wednesday afternoon at the  Police HQ in Stafford. I am pleased to confirm that they released me without charge at the end of the day! I was there to discuss a service of Thanksgiving and Remembrance for Police Officers/PCSOs that we will offer as a community outreach service at our church in February. Watch this space … all very exciting!


  • Traders Directory - Gloria is still waiting for you tell her about the local builders, plumbers, carpenters, electricians etc. who you’ve found reliable and helpful. Her aim is to produce a local directory that we can all turn to in an emergency.  Please make your recommendations to Gloria in order that the Directory can be completed.


  • Confirmation – anyone (adults or youngsters) wishing to explore the possibility of Confirmation during 2018 is asked to have a word with me as soon as possible. Preparation will probably begin during the early months of 2018.


  • Celebration – this week we celebrate the birthday of Euan Mountford (October 20) - our congratulations and best wishes to him.




  • ‘Simply Worship’ – on (Wednesday) October 25th @ 7pm. Everybody welcome to this peaceful and reflective period of worship and prayer. Refreshments served!


  • Turning Back the Clocks – please don’t forget that BST ends on  October 28th and that clocks and watches should be turned BACK by one hour as you go to bed! An extra hour in bed on Sunday morning, but it’s the long dark nights again!


  • School Half-Term  – will take place during the week beginning (Monday) October 23rd.


  • Remembrance Day  - on (Sunday) , November 12th 2017.




This week we pray for the GPs who serve us within the parish and elsewhere. May God grant them wisdom in their examining and diagnosis, and skill in their prescribing and treating. We pray that God will give them insight as they listen and counsel, and in all that they do may God work through them to heal and help, relieve and reassure, safeguard, support and console.


From our pastoral shepherding flock, we bless the following with our prayers this week -  Elizabeth Deans, Dorothy Duffy, Julia Edge, Barbara Edwards and Angela Egerton.


Within our parish we pray for the residents of Amber Grove, Ansty Drive, Apple Walk, Asquith Drive and Attingham Drive.




We continue to pray for Pakistan (see Pew News of October 1st for details).


We also pray for the escalating tension between the USA and North Korea – as the latter allegedly prepares a missile test that could hit the US west coast. As the ‘war of words’ between President Trump and Kim Jong Un intensifies, we pray for those who are frightened about where such violent rhetoric may lead us.




Simeon took him in his arms and praised God, saying “Sovereign Lord, as you have promised, you now dismiss your servant in peace. For my eyes have seen your salvation, which you have prepared in the sight of all people, a light for revelation to the Gentiles and for glory to your people Israel” (Luke 2:28-32). 


In this piece of Scripture, which we commonly refer to as the Nunc Dimittis, we read that Simeon took the baby Jesus into his arms and praised God. We sense that both Simeon and Anna had been in the Temple for quite some time, waiting for this precious moment to come. Without hesitation, Simeon and Anna speak of the special qualities of the baby Jesus ; Simeon refers to him as God’s ‘salvation’, who is also ‘a light’ who will reveal God to the Gentiles and God’s ‘glory’ to his people. Anna speaks of Jesus as the ‘redeemer’.


How could they really have known all this? Jesus was still only a delicate baby! How did they know that this baby was truly the promised Messiah? How could they have known that God intended to fulfil his plans for the world through THIS child? What glimpses of God and God’s purpose were they able to see in this infant boy child? What was the source of Simeon and Anna’s wisdom?


Points to Ponder -


  • had we been there, would we have found it difficult to accept that what was needed to transform and save the earth was a small child?


  • do we find that God still reveals glimpses of himself and his glory to us in surprising ways?


  • have we ever been able to identify the hand of God at work through very ordinary people in very ordinary situations and in unexpected places? Has God’s hand been on our lives over the years?


  • Simeon and Anna were able to see beyond the ordinariness of the situation  and grasp the presence and involvement of God in the world. What special qualities did they have? Can we have the same powers of discernment today?


  • Jesus came to reveal God to all people and to serve his purpose. How effective are we as ‘revealers’ of God today? Are our lives a revelation of God’s love, compassion and care for others? Is it our desire to serve the purpose of God in our generation? Do we indeed delight to do his will?