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FROM YOUR VICAR – Sunday 17th March 2019


Prayer – we worship the one true God, creator of all, Lord of all, our strength and hope, our light and our salvation. We come together as family, joined by the hands of fellowship, brothers and sisters of our heavenly Father. Amen.


Baptism Preparation – tomorrow (Monday) in the Lady Chapel @ 7.30pm


Lent Discussion Group – our second  session (in a series of five) will occur on Tuesday (March 19) in the Lady Chapel @ 7.30pm. Our theme will be ‘the humble King’.


Midweek Communion – on Wednesday (March 20) @ 10am.


Needwood House – our church visit will occur on Wednesday (March 20) @ 11.15am


Abbey Court – our church visit will occur on Thursday (March 21) @ 11am


Pastoral Shepherding – please see the revised lists on the noticeboard at the back of church. Please make sure that your name is included, and discover the name of your ‘shepherd’. Please ask your shepherd to give you his/her contact details so that you can make contact easily. The aim of the Shepherding Scheme is that we learn and practice how to ‘look out’ for each other. If, for whatever reason, you are unable to contact your shepherd, please contact one of the clergy team (contact details in Pew News). Please contact a member of the clergy team in emergency situations.


Service of Healing & Wholeness – this service will take place on Sunday March 24th @ 3.30pm. Everybody welcome. It is a service for those of us who need healing prayer at this time, as well as for those who wish to thank God for recent healing and restoration in their own and others’ lives. Please bring along those known to you for whom such a service might be particularly appropriate at this time.


Baptism Support Team – I’d like to have a brief chat with all those who have expressed an interest in offering support at our Baptism services. Can we meet at the end of one of our Sunday morning services … for 10 minutes or so. The aim is to draw up a rota that is convenient to all concerned.


Electoral Roll – if you wish your name to be added, retained or deleted from the Electoral Roll, please contact our Electoral Roll Officer (Dorothy Duffy) as soon as possible for an application form. An entirely new ER has to be drawn up this year, and this is quite an onerous task. Please make it easier for Dorothy by completing and returning your application forms swiftly.


APCM – this will take place on April 28th @ 11.30am in the Church Hall (after our morning service). Everybody welcome. We will meet to receive the annual reports produced by various groups and individuals. We will also meet to elect our church wardens, PCC members and Deanery Synod representatives for the year ahead. Nomination forms are now available at the back of church. These should be duly completed and returned to be prior to the APCM. 


APCM Annual Reports – would the writers of annual reports please ensure that copy is forwarded to Gloria in order that she can print and distribute prior to the APCM. Reports are normally received from the Vicar, Churchwardens, Treasurer, Pastoral Care Co-ordinator, Communications Co-ordinator, the Green Team, the Fabric Team, the Music Group, Hands-at-Work. Anyone else who would like to submit a brief report of their ministry (e.g. the Refreshments Team, the Welcome Team, the Food Bank Team etc.) is warmly invited to do so via Gloria. Thanks.


Celebration – this week we celebrate the birthdays of Emma Hill (March 20), Julie Edge (March 22) and Linda Hughes (March 23). We pray that God will bless them abundantly.




  • March 24  Service of Healing and Wholeness (3.30pm)
  • April 7        Baptism of Zoey Jayne Walker
  • April 9       Gorsemoor School Easter production (2pm)
  • April 10     PCC meeting
  • April 12     Heath Hayes Academy Easter production (1.30pm)
  • April 13     Baptism of William Orcott

         The Easter Weekday Programme-

  • April 14     Stations of the Cross                                             3.30pm
  • April 16     Celebration Praise at Easter                                7.30pm
  • April 18     Celebration of the Last Supper                           7.30pm
  • April 19     Into your Hands: confronting Good Friday       1.30pm
  • April 21     Easter Daybreak Communion                              5.30am




During this second week of Lent, we pause to pray for ourselves.


‘Help us to aim high as we seek to renew the discipline of our discipleship. May we take up the best and give up the rest, and know your mercy and grace in all things’ (John Pritchard).


From our church pastoral shepherding flock we pray this week for Sue Nicholl, Grace Oliskewycz, Sheila & Arthur Page, Lynne Parkes and Janet Parlett. Let’s pray too for Lorraine Peatling, down there in Australia!


Within our parish, we pray for the residents of Capercaille Drive, Carlton Close, Chaplain Road, Charlock Grove and Charterfield Drive.





This week, let us pray for:-

  • the escalating rate of knife crime in the UK and the ‘terrifying spiral of violence’ witnessed in our country. During the past few weeks alone, there have been fatal stabbings in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Telford, Wolverhampton and Boston (Lincolnshire). The NHS claim that hospital admissions (in England alone) from knife-related offences have soared to almost 5000 annually. Pray for the agencies and organisations that genuinely seek to tackle this growing problem.
  • the situation in Haiti where violent protests have been the consequence of ever rising inflation and allegations of government corruption. As the violence has escalated, people have been confined to their homes with limited access to drinking water, food and gas. Schools, businesses and churches have been closed. Humanitarian agencies have found it difficult to operate.
  • the Rohingya refugees who fled into Bangladesh to escape persecution in Myanmar. There are now about 950 thousand Rohingya Muslim refugees living in camps at Cox’s Bazar, where the living conditions are described as ‘dire’. The cyclone season is fast approaching and the fragile shelters of the camps offer little protection from the wind and rains. Bangladesh is not a rich country, but has been generous in accommodating the refugees. It now needs support and funding from the international community.
  • for the growing tensions in Algeria where young voters are protesting against the possible (probable) re-election of ailing President Bouteflika and his National Liberation Front party. There have been violent clashes with the police. Algerian stability is politically important to Europe because the country is a crucial energy source. Its stability also matters to the USA as, in recent years, the Algerian government has become an important partner in tackling African terrorism.




‘The tongue that brings healing is a tree of life; but a deceitful tongue crushes the spirit’ (Proverbs 15:4).


The book of Proverbs was written by Solomon. In its verses, he offered us a number of wise statements and guidelines about how we might live according to Godly wisdom.


This week’s statement (Proverbs 15:4) concerns how we should speak (or communicate) with each other.


Points to Ponder:-  

  • apart from direct face-to-face conversation, what other methods do we use today to communicate with others – letters, telephone calls, e-mail messages, messages via social media such as Facebook?
  • do we (often, sometimes) communicate with others about people that we know?
  • is our communication always positive in nature? What are our motives in communicating about other people? How often do we ‘speak up’ in support of people and to encourage them? How often do we ‘speak up’ to heal damaged or broken relationships? How often do we ‘speak out’ on issues of human inequality and injustice?
  • Would our ‘communication’ be more effective (and less damaging) if we spent more time beforehand considering how our messages might be received and understood by others?
  • Here are two quotes that emphasise the importance of giving careful thought to what we say and how we say it. How do we react to these quotes?

               1. ‘before you speak, please THINK  … T (is it true), H (is it helpful), I (is it inspiring), N (is it necessary) and K (is it kind)’.

               2. ’you are a master of what you say until you utter it; once you deliver it, you are its captive’.