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FROM YOUR VICAR – Sunday 20th January 2019


Prayer – Lord God, we are here today to listen to your word, bring the prayers that are on our hearts and join together in fellowship. Speak to us through scripture, hymns, prayer and meditation. Grant us ears to hear, hearts to listen and lives prepared for service. Amen.


Baptisms – today we welcome the family and friends of Isabella Louise Johansen and Walter Logan Brindley as the infants come to our church to be baptised. The service will be conducted by myself and the Revd. Steve Reynolds.


Baptism Preparation – will take place tomorrow (Monday) at 7.30pm in the Lady Chapel.


Midweek Communion – on Wednesday (January 23) at 10am


Mission Action Plan (Draft) – a revised Mission Action Plan was agreed by the Leadership Team last week. This will now be forwarded to the PCC in February. A draft is pinned to the notice board at the back of the church.


The Year (2019) at a Glance – this provides a month-by-month calendar of the services, events and activities that are being proposed for 2019 in furtherance of the Mission Action Plan. This will be forwarded to the PCC in February. A draft is pinned to the notice board at the back of church.


Electoral Roll – this year, we need to produce an entirely new Electoral Roll. Please see our Electoral Roll Officer (Dorothy Duffy) if you wish your name to be added, retained or deleted from the Roll. The new Electoral Roll will be received at our APCM on April 28th.


Children’s Society – would be grateful if you would return your collection boxes (to Debbie) as soon as possible in order that the money raised can be counted and forwarded to the Children’s Society. Many thanks to those who have already returned their boxes. The total sum raised will be announced as soon as possible, and it is hoped that a cheque can be forwarded before the end of this month.


GDPR questionnaires – we will begin to distribute and complete these at the beginning of February.


Celebration – I’m not aware of any birthdays or wedding anniversaries this week! Are you?





January 27 – ‘Whole Life Worship’ service with guest speaker (Judge John Shand) @ 10am. I encourage you to support this.


January 29 – ‘Simply Worship’ @ 7pm (for refreshments) and 7.30pm (for church service). This is an informal, calm and reflective service of worship and, again, I encourage you to support this (1 hour).


TBC – Holocaust Memorial Service and a visit to the National Holocaust Centre and Museum, Laxton.





This week we pray for all homeless people; for broken families; for all unemployed; for all women and children who are alone, frightened and without help; for all sick and hungry people who are suffering; for all the old people who may be lonely; and for all the people who are affected by wars and natural disasters.


From our pastoral shepherding flock, we pray this week for Sandra Bevan, Eileen Birch, Mike & Sandra Bishop, Doreen Cox and Terry Croxall.


Within our parish, we pray for the residents of Van Gogh Close, Vivaldi Drive, Weston Close, Willowherb Close and Wilson Grove.





This week we pray for:-


  • wisdom and vision for the Prime Minister and Party Leaders as they negotiate the political future of our nation; humility and strength for all in Parliament as they represent their communities; truth and compassion for the media as they interpret events for the nation.


  • the families and friends of those who have lost their lives in the recent and widespread snow storms in Europe.


  • for all the households and communities affected by the recent announcement of job losses  by JLR.


  • for all victims of psychological, physical, sexual, financial and emotional abuse. We pray too for those who offer help and support to abuse victims – including the police, doctors and healthcare professionals, and a variety of support & counselling services.




‘the star they had seen in the east went ahead of them until it stopped over the place where the child was’ (Matthew 2:9).


During the recent Christmas season, the Church of England ran a campaign to encourage people to travel in the footsteps of the Magi to meet Jesus. It was called the ‘Follow the Star’ campaign.


The campaign clearly drew on the experiences of the Magi, as described in Matthew 2. We recall how the star first appeared ‘in the east’ and directed the Magi to Jerusalem. The star then led them southward to Bethlehem and stopped over the house where the child Jesus was. There the Magi were able to kneel before Jesus and offer their gifts to Him.


Points to Ponder:-


  • what was ‘the star’ that first led us closer to Jesus? Was it a particular event or situation? Was it a particular person? Was it the reading of scripture?


  • what was so attractive and compelling about that star? Why did we allow ourselves to be led closer to Jesus?


  • the Magi first travelled in a westerly direction to Jerusalem. Then they moved in a southerly direction toward Bethlehem. What kind of ‘star’ would persuade us to change our direction of travel through life? Indeed, do we need to change our direction of travel if we are to draw closer to Jesus?


  • are we still following a ‘star’ – or have we  already been drawn close enough to Jesus? Do we need to get any closer? Do we need any further guidance?


  • is it possible that others might be looking at us as their ‘stars’? Are we confident that we will be able to lead them to a place where they can encounter Jesus for themselves? Are we capable of serving as ‘stars of royal beauty bright’ in the lives of others in this community and beyond?