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FROM YOUR VICAR – Sunday 2nd September 2018


  • Prayer – into your presence, Lord, we come, bringing our offerings of praise and the service of our lives wherever you might lead us within this, your beautiful but needy world. Amen.


  • Baptism - today we welcome the friends and family of Dylan Richard Harvey Capewell as the infant comes to our church to be baptised.


  • Creationtide – today marks the beginning of Creationtide, a season in our calendar during which we are called to pay special attention to the responsibility of humanity for the Earth and for all that lives upon it, including other people. Each week’s Collect Prayer will encourage us to reflect upon our own environmental attitudes and impacts, and upon the relationships that we have with other people – locally and globally. We will mark the end of the Creationtide season at our Harvest Service on October 7th.


  • ‘Times Past’ - this will restart tomorrow (Monday) at 10.30am in the Library. Everyone welcome. We will, hopefully, consider our forthcoming trip to The Black Country Museum!


  • Leadership Team - we will meet tomorrow (Monday) at 7.30pm in the Lady Chapel.


  • School Term - the children will begin their Autumn term on Tuesday (September 4). Please pray for them, especially for those entering school for the first time and for those (like Matthew) moving to secondary school. Please pray too for our teachers (Jenna and Carla) as they begin the year again.


  • Holy Communion - on Wednesday (September 5) at 10am


  • Funeral Service - the funeral service of Beverley Hardwick will take place in church on Thursday (September 6) at 11.30am, followed by committal at Stile Cop cemetery.


  • The ‘Tommy’ Silhouette - the collecting tin is now at the back of church. Please give as generously as you can.


  • Your Serving Relatives - please keep those names coming! We want to put together a very special and personal service of remembrance for our WW1 relatives at the end of October. More details to follow.


  • Celebration – this week we celebrate the birthdays of Helen Mountford (September 3), Alan Barnett (September 5) and Pauline Tabernor (September 8). We also celebrate the wedding anniversaries of Andy & Emma (September 6) and Steve & Joyce (September 7). May God pour down His blessings upon them all.




  • Next Week – our morning service will be led by Rob. I will not be with you on that occasion as I’ve been invited to preach at a patronal service in Bilston.


  • Baptism Preparation – on Monday (September 10) @ 7.30pm in the Lady Chapel.


  • Devotion and Prayer Group – this will restart on Tuesday (September 11) @ 10am in the Lady Chapel. It’s an informal opportunity for us to come together to study a short passage of Scripture, and to pray for others, our church and ourselves.  I really encourage YOU to come along. You don’t have to take an active part unless you’re comfortable … simply come along and listen to others sharing their views!


  • The Heathers – our next visit is scheduled for Tuesday (September 11) @ 11.15am


  • Chapter Meeting – will take place in the Lady Chapel, following our midweek Holy Communion service, on Wednesday (September 12).


  • Baptism – of Darcie-May Sharon Wilkes and Holly Alice Paterson – on Sunday (September 16) @ 12 noon.




This week we pray for all those who are involved in Foodbank ministry, and for those who loyally gather and donate items on a regular basis. The Trussell Trust reports that the demand for Foodbank services has increased dramatically – and that they are struggling to ensure that children do not go hungry within low income families. Let’s pray for those within our own church who support the work of the local Cannock & District Foodbank.


Let us also pray this week for ‘Medecins Sans Frontieres’ (Doctors Without Borders), an international, humanitarian, non-governmental, medical organisation that acts fast to save lives in conflict zones, natural disasters and epidemics … and in countries affected by endemic diseases. Such care is offered across international boundaries, irrespective of race, religion, creed or political affiliation.


From our pastoral shepherding flock, we pray this week for Dan, Kate, Harry & Isla-Hope Rogers; Margaret Rose and Mary Russell.


Within our parish we pray for the residents of Eagle Grove, Eden Close, Edgemoor Meadow, Edmonton Close and Elder Close.




This month we pray for the people of Lithuania.


Lithuania is a Baltic country with a population of about 3 million. Vilnius is its largest and capital city. Most of the people are Catholic Christians. Whilst Lithuanian is the official language, about 12 languages are spoken within the country. Its a multi-ethnic nation, containing Poles, Russians, Belarusian and Ukrainians alongside the native Lithuanians. Its economy is based on services, industry and agriculture, and exports account for 75% of the country’s wealth. In recent years, large numbers of emigrants to wealthier EU countries has had a negative impact upon the Lithuanian economy.


The country gained political independence from Russia in 1918, but was again occupied by the Soviet Union from 1940-1990. Lithuania regained its political independence in 1990, and is now a high-income economy with a very pro-western focus. The country was admitted to the United Nations in 1991 and to NATO in 2004. It is a full member of the EU (since 2004) and is also a full member of the Eurozone and the Schengen Agreement. The country is run on democratic principles and has a number of small political parties.


Please pray :-


  • for continued economic growth and political stability in the country which will be of enduring benefit to the people.


  • for spiritual refinement in a country that has (seemingly) lost a great deal of its ‘moral purity’ as a consequence of political independence and economic growth.


  • that the evils of substance abuse, suicide and the trafficking of women for prostitution  might be systematically tackled.


  • that the Catholic church will increase fellowship with other Christian groups in an attempt to develop a fresher spirituality that will draw increased numbers of people to Jesus.




‘you do not receive because you ask with wrong motives’ (James 4:3)


The apostle James invites ‘the twelve tribes scattered among the nations’ to consider the motives that lay behind their prayers to God. In doing so, James emphasises the need for us all to come close to God with clean hands, pure hearts and humility.


It’s time for us to ponder on our own prayer life!


Points to Ponder:-


  • why do we pray? What are our motives for praying to God?


  • what kinds of things do we normally and most often pray for? Do certain issues ‘move’ us to pray?


  • what format or ‘shape’ do our prayers normally take? Are there set words that we say each time – or are our prayers more like spontaneous chats with God?


  • to whom do we normally address our prayers – to God the Father? … to Jesus the Son? … to the Holy Spirit? Is it important that we pray to the right Person?


  • Where do we normally pray? Same place, same time each day … or anytime, any place? Do we tend to pray most often in the morning or at the end of the day? Does it matter?


  • On what kinds of occasion do we normally pray … prayers of thanksgiving on joyous occasions, as well as prayers of lament at times of sadness and despair?


  • Does God answer our prayers in some way – sometimes, always, never? Are we sometimes disappointed with God’s response? On the other hand, are we sometimes overwhelmed by His response?


  • Can we identify ONE instance of God answering our prayer? Have we shared this experience with anyone else? Do we intend to?