Pew News

FROM YOUR VICAR – Sunday 13th August 2017


  • Prayer – we enter this place with thanksgiving and come into your presence with praise, giving thanks for your love and faithfulness toward every generation. Shout for joy, all the earth! Worship the Lord with gladness! Know that He alone is God!


  • Baptisms – today we welcome the family and friends of Evie-Rose Joan Harley and Tyler Davidson Harley as the infants come to our church to be baptised. The service will be led at 1pm by Steve Reynolds.


  • Church Quinquennial Inspection – this will take place tomorrow (Monday).


  • Baptism Preparation – will take place tomorrow evening (Monday) at 7.30pm


  • Devotion & Prayer Group – will meet in the Lady Chapel on Tuesday (August 22) @ 10am. Please spare an hour to join us. This is open to all and everyone is welcome.


  • Midweek Communion – on Wednesday (August 23) at 10am


  • Afternoon Tea – will take place next week at 4pm in the Church Hall, followed by a Celebration Praise service in church at 6pm. The former is a fund-raising activity, and we do hope that we can count on your support. Please invite your friends and other members of your family. It would be helpful if you would sign the sheet at the back of church so that we have some idea of how many people we’re catering for. Your song and/or hymn  choices for ‘Celebration Praise’ should be given direct to Andy.


  • Prayer Tree – please write your prayers on the heart-shaped cards and attach them to the tree. All prayers will be gathered each Tuesday morning and prayed over individually at our Devotion and Prayer meeting. You are very welcome to join us at 10am


  • Welcome Rota – a revised rota has been produced, and this is displayed on the notice board at the back of church. I hope this will clarify the previous uncertainties.


  • Apples – do you have an apple tree in your garden? Are some of the apples likely to be wasted? Please speak to me … I know of a cunning plan!


  • Celebration – this week we celebrate the birthdays of Mary Russell (August 24) and Dave Mason (August 26) – and the wedding anniversary of Keith & Lynne Anderson. Our congratulations and best wishes to them all.




  • Pastoral Shepherds – there will be a meeting in the Lady Chapel @ 4pm on Sunday, September 3rd. Please attend if at all possible.


  • Blackpool – the Heath Hayes & Area Senior Citizens Group trip to Blackpool takes place on October 10th. Meet at the Welcome Club at 10am. Cost = £23 per person inc. 3-course lunch and coach travel. All enquiries to Joy (at the Bourne Methodist Church) or Jo Spruce. There will be further coach trips nearer to Christmas. Watch this space for details!


  • Fund-raising – further fund-raising activities and events are on the horizon. Please watch this space for details. I’m really pleased that people are taking the initiative and coming up with good ideas! Please support them wherever and whenever you can.


  • Creationtide – across the Christian world, the period between September 1st and October 4th will be celebrated as Creationtide - a season to thank God for the world He has gifted us and to commit the Church to make protecting it a core part of Christian mission. During this period we will include some Creationtide resources within our worship and special prayers will be included within Pew News. Our own service of Harvest Thanksgiving (on October 1st) will form part of the Creationtide celebration.




This week we pray for (and name before God) our friends – and especially those who have shared our troubles and sorrows in times past and who have supported us through life’s dark valleys. We ask God to help us to value our friends and to regard each as a gift and token of God’s love. We ask God to make us ready to extend friendship to others around us and to remember the lonely, the housebound and those who need a friend’s helping hand. We pray for our friends and loved ones now parted from us – and we ask God to bless them with the fullness of His grace and power. And we pray too for those people whose lives are starved of friendship – those who find it difficult to make friends, those who are cut off from their friends by distance, and those who in old age have lost the friends they once had. 


From our pastoral shepherding flock, we pray this week for Val Potter, Paul Pugh, Steve & Joyce Reynolds (with Chris and Ben), Christine Roberts and Gillian Robinson.


Within our parish, we pray for the residents of Sapphire Drive, Shirehall Place, Shugborough Way, Sidon Hill Way and Sparrowhawk Way.




We continue to pray for Nigeria (see Pew News of August 6th for details).


We pray too for those who are the victims of modern slavery. A recent report by the National Crime Agency revealed that every large town and city in the UK is affected by this problem, and that particular sectors of our economy are worst hit - food processing, fishing, agriculture, construction and domestic & care workers. Modern slavery includes domestic servitude (people coerced or forced into working within private homes and convinced that they have no option to leave), sex trafficking (women, men and children forced into the commercial sex industry and held against their will), forced labour (people forced to work under the threat of violence and for no pay), bonded labour (people compelled to work in order to repay a debt), child labour (the enslavement of children) and forced marriage (marriage without consent or against the will of the partners).


We pray for the victims. We pray for those who strive to detect and tackle the issues. We pray for the politicians who commit themselves to eradicating such issues from our modern world.




‘Sing to the Lord a new song; sing to the Lord, all the earth. Sing to the Lord, praise his name; proclaim his salvation day after day’ (Psalm 96:1-2)


Psalm 96 invites us, and all creation,  to ‘sing to the Lord’. Our song is TO the Lord and ABOUT the Lord. Our song is a ‘new one’ because his mercies are new every morning (Lamentations 3:23). Every day brings new grace.  It is clear that we are to ‘delight’ in the Lord as we acknowledge and embrace his overwhelming goodness to us. We are to sing songs of praise. We are to sing of our Lord Jesus’s power to rescue and save us, and to present us as wholly acceptable before our great God in Heaven. Let us sing of his marvellous and faithful deeds among his people. Let us be bowled over in awe and wonder at his splendour and majesty. He is truly holy, and we come before him in praise and worship. Let us recognise that, as our earthly rulers come and go, our Lord reigns firmly and supremely. He will not be moved or toppled, for He is sovereign over all.


Points to Ponder


  • When do we sing out loud most often? In what ‘frame of mind’ are we when we sing out like this?


  • Does knowing that we belong to God as his chosen and treasured children make us want to ‘delight’ in our praise of Him?


  • Are we still discovering new things about God and Jesus each day? Does this alone make us want to sing ’a new song’ of praise and thanksgiving each day? Do our new and fresh experiences generate new emotions that generate new lyrics that, in turn, generate new songs?


  • Let’s think about the songs that we sing at church each week … do they express our emotions adequately? Are there new songs to be learnt?Indeed, can our emotions be contained by mere words?


  • If we could be song-writers for a day, what ‘new song’ would we produce? What might our lyrics want to tell others about the God that we experience and worship each day?