Revd Glynne Watkin



Revd. Glynne Watkin



It’s almost a year since I wrote an introductory letter to the people of the parish, and still only 9 months since I took up post as your vicar, last November.

But much has happened since then.

We’ve decorated and settled into the vicarage, and tamed the garden into a paradise for an amazing variety of wild birds. Debbie has now retired from her job as a schoolteacher having worked in a number of Wolverhampton schools for over 30 years. She has also left her role as an OLM in the parish of Pennfields to join us formally as an Associate Minister in Heath Hayes. I’m delighted that she has done so because I didn’t much enjoy living alone at the vicarage during my first 4 months! David and Beth are both fine – he’s now training as a Registrar at the Birmingham Children’s Hospital and on track to becoming a Paediatric Consultant by the age of 35 yrs. The responsibilities that he bears are quite awesome. I’m also delighted that Beth has finally secured her first full-time post, as a zookeeper at Drayton Manor Park, near Tamworth. Her daily journey to work is now much shorter, and she seems to have found a comfortable home with us at the vicarage. She simply loves her work and seems to be a very happy and contented young woman.

Our church work continues to excite us. The parish has tremendous potential,

and there are lots of opportunities to grow God’s Kingdom in this place. I’m thankful that our church contains people with positive and supportive attitudes, and that much good work is being done in God’s name. I take enormous comfort from Joshua 3:5, where Joshua tells the people to ‘consecrate’ themselves because the Lord was waiting to do amazing things among them. As we stop and listen for God’s authority to proceed in our onward journey as a parish, we must await His blessing upon us, and for extraordinary things to happen.



August 2013