We are here if you need us to provide a church service for someone close to you who has died.  If you, or the deceased, are parishioners or have special connections with the parish, then please consider contacting us.  We can offer you support and consolation, if you need it, for whatever reason in the event of a death of someone close to you.  We understand that death can happen at any time to any of us.

A funeral is one way to mark the end of someone’s life here on earth.  Family and friends come together to express and share grief, to give thanks for the life lived and to commend the person into God’s keeping.  A funeral service can be in a small, quiet ceremony or a large occasion in a packed church.

God’s love is everywhere with us.  Every life is precious to God.  As Christians we believe that there is hope in death as there is in life and that we have a new life in Jesus Christ after death.

One thing is certain, even those who hold such belief, experience a real sense of loss at the death of a loved one.  All of us share, or will share, the same experiences of life and death, with many memories and feelings of love, grief and respect.

At St John’s we take great pride and care in the facilities we provide both in Church services and in those based at the Crematoria.  When we are requested to take a funeral we do our very best (diaries allowing!) to be available, flexible and as personal as is appropriate.

Memorial Services – A memorial service is a service in which we remember those who have died.  It includes readings and poetry, music and silence, the reading out of names and the lighting of candles and then a time of candlelit prayer.  The services are followed by refreshments and an opportunity to sit and talk to others who have attended, to see the minister who took the funeral of your loved one and to remember.   Shortly before the service you will receive a letter inviting yourself and others you wish to bring to the memorial service.  We try not to invite you immediately but rather give you a little space and then invite you.  However – you are welcome at any of our memorial services and if you wish a name to be added to our list (any name of a deceased person you wish to remember) then please contact us in advance.

The Service of Light is our Christmas memorial service.  As well as the usual make-up of a memorial service in this service we also add the invitation to hang a small card and ornament on our Christmas tree in memory of a loved one.  Christmas can be a difficult time when we miss loved ones and this service is a simple and peaceful way to remember at this time of year.  Again, you will receive a personal invite to this service.

The Cemetery and Garden of Remembrance – Church Cemeteries and Gardens of Remembrance are subject to different rules and are therefore not comparable to other cemeteries. Unfortunately our Cemetery is now full but we do have limited space in our Garden of Remembrance.  We are currently working to improve this and hope to be able to bring more news to you in the next 18 months.  For further information, fees or to make an enquiry regarding existing graves in the Cemetery or Garden of Remembrance please contact us.