Q I have never been to church before.  Is it OK for me to come ?
A In a word, yes, we will be only too happy to see you.
Q Is it OK to come on my own ?
A You certainly can.  You will find that people will say hello to you.  If you start to talk to them then they will have a chat with you.  If you prefer to be left alone then your wishes will be respected.
Q What should I wear.
A Anything you feel comfortable wearing.  Some of the congregation will be wearing their  “Sunday Best” and others will be wearing jeans and t-shirt.
Q What should I do when I come in ?
A You will be greeted by some friendly faces who will give you a hymn book, a service book and anything else you may need for the service.
Q Where can I sit ?
A There is no reserved seating in church so please feel free to sit anywhere.  If you are new to church then you may want to sit behind some other people.  That way you will know when to stand up and sit down.
Q Is it OK to talk while we are waiting ?
A Most certainly.  But please be mindful that there are people around you that may be “having a quiet word with God” before the service starts so please try not to disturb them.
Q Can I go up for Communion during the service ?
A If you take Communion in your own church then you are most welcome to do so at St John’s.  If you have never taken Communion, but would just like to come up and be blessed, then just come up and hold your service booklet in front of you so the person in charge knows what you want.  If you don’t want to do any of these then feel free to remain seated.
Q If I have any questions who can I ask ?
 A Anyone. If the person you ask doesn’t know the answer then they can point you at the person who does.