Parish Profile

A new Parish Profile was completed in February 2012.  It outlines our requirements for a new Minister.  The Parish Profile along with the Mission Action plan sets out who we are and what we intend to do in the coming three years as the church in Heath Hayes.

St John’s Mission statement is:

St John’s is here to encourage and enable all people to recognize and celebrate God’s unconditional love.
At the core of our mission are the Themes of Growth:

1. Discovering the heart of God
2. New disciples
3. New generations
4. Transforming Communities
5. Growing in generosity in everything we do

Click to download the full Parish Profile 2012
Click to download the Mission statement 2012
Eco-Congregation Policy for St John’s Church Heath Hayes.

We believe

  • That God has made us to be part of his wonderful Creation and intends us to enjoy abundant life.
  • That God hates nothing that he has made and therefore wants us to treat our environment, the whole Earth, and all living creatures with respect and love.
  • That Jesus told us to care for the vulnerable, damaged and forgotten ones

As expression of our beliefs we resolve to:

  • Avoid waste – of power, food, water and materials; for example by switching off light heat and appliances in unused rooms.
  • Dispose of waste after events in a systematic and organized way, to compost or recycle as much as possible and to reduce the amount sent to landfill.
  • Act, a step at a time, to reduce the CO² emissions for which our activities and premises are responsible, by ~ sharing cars or walking to church; reducing reliance on mains water supply;  seeking renewable sources of power.
  • Increase awareness, in ourselves and our community, of how we can reduce Climate Change and its effects and encourage one-another to take actions that will do this by for example, events, speakers and magazine articles
  • Actively seek to support those people who are affected by rapid climate change through drought, sea level rise, enforced migration, etc. learning, praying and campaigning through Christian Aid who have direct contact with affected peoples.
  • Seek God’s guidance in these issues through study groups and prayer.
  • Develop and show our love for God’s Creation in our local environment, its plants and animals, by ~ walks and other outdoor activities, sharing each others knowledge and joy – especially with children.