Many people feel the need to mark the birth of a child with a church service and often they think at first that service should be a baptism.  However a baptism is not always the appropriate service to hold. There are two services that the church offers to people who wish to mark the birth of a child.  The one you chose will depend largely on your own christian faith and what you are prepared to declare publicly.


A baptism service is a service to welcome someone into the church and to mark the start of his or her christian journey.  It often happens shortly after birth, but can happen at any point in a person’s life and sometimes those who have not been baptised as children are baptised as adults.   We all have many steps to take on the journey of life and baptism is the first step where we respond to the love which God shows us.  We believe it to be a joyful moment for all participants in the service; not only for the candidates, the parents and the godparents but also friends and relatives invited to witness the baptism.


A thanksgiving service is a special celebration, which gives the opportunity to come to church and thank God for the birth of your child and to ask his blessing for the future.  It differs from a Baptism in that it does not ask for a public commitment to the christian faith.

Please contact us for further information regarding a Baptism or Thanksgiving service. You can download a Baptism Booklet but you will still need to contact us in order to book into the next available Preparation Session.  Preparation Sessions are once a month on Monday evenings and we book in baptism dates at the end of those sessions.  Most baptisms are shared with other families (due to high demand) and take place at 12pm. on most first and third (and occasional fifth) Sunday’s every month.  Unless we are extremely busy we can usually offer you a date within twelve weeks of the preparation session.